Care free vacation

Health and wellness is an important part of Surf Gwada’s Guadeloupe experience. That is why we enjoy sunrise and sunset yoga sessions, challenging adventure activities, and hours in the sea. A travel agency may handle your booking plans but are they managing your logistics from surf session to jungle hike, adapting to your whim as you, your family, or group of friends, explore Guadeloupe?

We handle the planning so you can live every minute of the day. Adjust to island time without vacation stress.


Don’t know what to do in Guadeloupe? Contact Surf Gwada your local travel guide company. We know what, where and when. We create a map with locations and destinations for your list of what to see in Guadeloupe.

Why Guadeloupe?

Guadeloupe carries its own style. A swagger that ties into the islands deep history and relative secrecy. Culturally complex and geographically diverse, Guadeloupe presents a unique opportunity for mindful adventure. It is easy to feel the sun and the warm sand beneath your feet but harder to uncover the past, to exercise your cultural adaptability, and to give back to an island that shares so much. The island’s environmental focus prevents over development and welcomes low impact adventure activities.

This is what crafted our admiration for Guadeloupe and the impetus behind SurfGwada. Share it with us.


Why Surf Gwada?

Surf Gwada is a family of artistic people, some local and others transplants, who continue to grow from life on the islands of Guadeloupe. We have shared our adventures with travelers for many years, some looking for family adventure, surfing, or just something truly unique. Our team believes in sharing our on island passions to craft you an exclusive experience. We help you with every detail of your experience, from the most convenient flights to Guadeloupe to the most stunning secluded beaches.

Surf Gwada’s worth lies in our intimate knowledge of the islands. Our connections with local businesses, artists, surfers, and farmers open the doors for you to step off the plane like a local and never look back.  

Local fruits, fresh vegetables from our best people. Guadeloupe is a French Caribbean island. You will find traditional creole dishes and well true French cuisine. and Italian gelato ice-cream!
Guadeloupe people carry the history of the island in their eyes, historical buildings and culture. Guadeloupe travel destination for just a few travelers. Be one of them! See old windmills with your own eyes.

Unique experience

What would take many visits for tourists to uncover, we introduce to our Surf Gwada explorers on day one. You get the most out of the islands because we have taken the time to find the best beaches, exhilarating hikes, and cultural sites, so that right off the plane you are immersed into Guadeloupe and Caribbean culture. Our unique retreats allow you to be the driver in your exploration and discover something truly unique.

Surf Gwada retreats include:

❖ Exclusive accommodation deals

❖ Airport pick up and drop off

❖ Guided sunrise/sunset yoga sessions

❖ Curated adventure activities

❖ Intimate knowledge of Guadeloupe

❖ Safety and security

❖ Stress free vacations

Moments to remember

It’s about the vibe of Surf Gwada. It’s a feeling our retreats produce. You see the island through the eyes of the people living on it. Surf Gwada pairs your travel interests with Guadeloupe’s wealth of history, diverse geography, and genuine people to craft a Guadeloupe vacation experience that will amaze you.


It’s a vibe. Travel like a local. Travel Surf Gwada.