Strength in family


Reid van Renesse began guiding families and couples around the island back in 2014, a time when Guadeloupe was an unknown destination for the majority of American tourists. As he traveled between the beaches of Rockaway, New York and Guadeloupe, his connections grew and Surf Gwada was born. We have built relationships with Guadeloupean surfers, small business owners, and farmers in an effort to stimulate the local economy and promote eco tourism. This project, at its core, represents love and respect for the island and its people.



Reid van Renesse



Reid is an artist, director and creative consultant specializing in motion & still photography. He has a passion for adventure, exploration, board sports and booty shaking music.

❖ Graffiti or photography?

"Many of my good friends are very talented and successful artists who's roots are in graffiti, so I appreciate, understand and have had a foot in graffiti culture since I was young. Photography and filmmaking, however, are where I've found my calling." 

❖ Skate board or surf board?

"All of the above."

❖ Who is your hero?

"Photo journalist; James Nachtwey."

Katya Korableva

(Business development/Marketing)


Katya is a dreamer and an interior designer. She has taught English in Japan, Russia, and Indonesia and created design projects in Maine and New York City.

❖ Espresso or a cuppa tea?

“Being Russian my upbringing would say a cup of tea paired of course with a cookie. But years of barista experience made me love espresso more then anything.”

❖ Set the pace or follow when trekking?

“I love being the one who sets the speed, I enjoy seeing only the expanse of nature in front of me.”

❖ What inspires you?

“People and nature. The beautiful colors of our world. Sunrise inspires me to practice yoga and sunset inspires me to create art.”

Benjamin van Renesse

(Biz development/Strategic partnership)


Benjamin is a soul therapist and cultural explorer. He has worked as a wilderness therapy guide, a liaison for recently resettled refugees, and in four countries.

❖ Music or soccer?

Both. I cherish the ability that music and soccer have in bringing people together, no matter the barrier.”

❖ Cook or eat out?

“I prefer to cook but do love to explore new cuisine, especially spicy food found on the streets around the world. Nothing is better than preparing a delicious dish.

❖ What makes you happy?

“Cultural immersion.”



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