This Surf retreat has been designed specifically for travellers who want to spend a lot of time in the water catching waves. Whether you are an experienced surfer or have never ridden a board before, this retreat will be geared to your level. Waves depend on wind and swell. Our team is constantly monitoring swell and weather reports to present our travelers with the best surfing conditions possible.


Your best adventure surf travel! Surf Gwada! We create surf lesson vacation packages for our customers to enjoy this wonderful experience of learning and riding waves. On this photo girls are waiting for the right wave to get in the water. Grand Terre Guadelupe.

Breaks in warm blue waters

It is your time to surf:

6 full days of surfing with surf instruction

You will have access to Guadeloupe’s best surf locations based upon our intimate knowledge of the breaks that scatter the archipelago’s coastline. Local surf instructors will elevate your surfing to a new level.

Rideable Caribbean wave with surfer ripping . Deep blue color waters. Your best surf vacation in the Caribbean. Travel with Surf Gwada experts for your ideal Guadeloupe island surfing.
Red Basse Terre and Green Grand terre board sticker on the nose of the the surfboard. Surf Gwada team are your travel guides in Guadeloupe French West Indies. We will show where to stay in Guadeloupe, give contacts of Guadelupe rentals for surfing, kitesurfing, scuba diving and other activities, give you best Guadeloupe travel tips

What’s included?

- planned curated itinerary (we take the stress out of your vacation by dealing with all the logistics, let us take care of you.)

- airport pick up/drop off (Guadeloupe’s airport is located in Les Abymes, just outside the city of Point-a-Pitre. For your convenience we provide transportation to and from the airport.)

- small group for a personalized Caribbean surf vacation (our groups are intentionally small so you can experience the most out of your days surfing in Gwada.)

- on island transportation (we take the wheel so you don’t have to. Unless you want to and we will happily arrange car rentals, securing you the best price.)

- welcome seasonal fruit (you will be astonished by the freshness of Guadeloupe’s local fruit.)

- snacks/water (healthy snacks and water after every session. Bring your own water bottle, we like leave no trace.)

- surfboards (we will help you select boards to fit your skill level or desire. Want to bring your own board? Awesome!)

- various surf breaks (Guadeloupe has some amazing surf breaks and not all of them are for beginners. We carefully choose the right location for you.)

- surf instruction/theory (our local surf instructors will work with you to take your surfing to a new level.)

- professional photos (on call professional photos)

- our team as your family (our main concern is your safety, comfort and joy. The moment you arrive our family is here to make sure you get the most out of your Caribbean surf experience.)

- sunrise and sunset yoga sessions (a physical warm up before your surf sessions is essential. Travel yoga, surf yoga, everyday mind and body.)

- on island ECO event - (we believe in travel reciprocity and give back to the island through targeted environmental events.)

- sunset ti’ punch (nothing beats Guadeloupean rum, enjoy this traditional caribbean drink with us at sunset.)


Is this surf trip for me?

You have never tried surfing, but have always wanted to ride a wave.

You have tried surfing a few times but would love a surf trip and personal instruction to take you to that next level.

You are looking for quality Caribbean waves.

You love surfing and want your friends to try it.

You are traveling alone, as a couple, or with a group of friends.

You love Caribbean culture or have a desire to explore it.

Surfing in the Caribbean

It’s about the vibe. Reef and shore breaks dot Guadeloupe’s coast. A homegrown surf scene produces world class surfers that rip Guadeloupe’s varying breaks. Come spend a week with us and dive into Gwada’s surf culture.

Our local surf instructors are born and raised on the island and know the waves like they know themselves. They are patient, consistent, and have been teaching surfing on the island for years. Our goal is to keep you safe, having fun, and to develop you as a surfer. We work in small groups so that our instructors can personalize their instruction to meet your specific needs and ability level. This allows for you to be more successful in the water. Once you have finished your session Surf Gwada makes it a point to refuel you with the islands local fruit and our favorite healthy snacks.

Kamochimethod and Surf Gwada Yoga Surf retreat team photo with surfboards on the white sand beach of Grand Terre in Guadeloupe. First Guadeloupe yoga retreat in 2019!
Surf Gwada boards on top of the car rack with the sun shining behind in Guadeloupe. Choose your perfect surf school vacation in the Carribbean!
Surf Gwada surf instructors teaches how to surf, ride and feel safe on the surfboard. Here surfer is standing on the grass on the French island of Guadeloupe, watching other surfer’s ripping in the warm waters of the Caribbean.


$1,540 – Per person

Prices are per person in $US per week.

A beautiful wave with a surfer on the short board riding the Caribbean waters along the reefs. Base Terre is in the back of the photo with some usual clouds hovering above the volcano La Soufriere. Travel with Surf Gwada! Let us be your island guides.
Budget friendly destination in the Caribbean, the island of Guadelupe, French West Indies. Cows are the biggest pets on the island. Here a cow is looking into the photographer’s lens with swell of surfing waves and cars on the shore. Come and enjoy your adventure travel pack with Surf Gwada!


Travel information:

❖ Airline tickets are not included but let us help you with booking.

❖ Travel insurance is not included and is mandatory.

❖ Your passport must be valid for 6 months from the date of your departure.

❖ You must notify the Surf Gwada team of any injuries, food restriction, and or allergies before landing on the island.


❖ At an additional cost we can add island immersion

❖ At an additional cost we can provide other activities like scuba diving, jet skiing, kitesurfing, etc.



It’s a vibe. Travel like a local. Travel Surf Gwada.