The future of environmentally focused travel

The environmental impact of the travel industry is a reality. The earth’s resources are finite and our modern lifestyles are wreaking havoc upon the gifts that sustain us. It is time to reshape how we interact with the world. Reciprocity needs to be rewoven into our daily lives. Surf Gwada established the concept of Travel Reciprocity to elevate our travelers experience through mutual dependence, action, and influence with the earth, local communities, global organizations, and the island of Guadeloupe. A reciprocal relationship between explorers and the place they explore.


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Sustainable Tourism

The tourism industry wreaks havoc upon island ecosystems all over the world. We want to protect Guadeloupe through sustainable tourism practices that benefit local businesses, the environment, and culture of the island. Surf Gwada wants our explorers to experience the beauty of Guadeloupe in a less impactful way.

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Travel Reciprocity

At Surf Gwada we are committed to decreasing the environmental impact of our retreats. Carbon emissions offsets, on island eco-events, and leave no trace principles drive our ethos of travel reciprocity. We create a reciprocal relationship between our explorers and the island of Guadeloupe because we believe in giving back to the island that shares so much.

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Our responsibility

It is our global responsibility to reshape how we interact with the world. Surf Gwada believes that we can inspire others to lead more environmentally conscious lives. Through our retreats you become immersed in the beautiful waters and land and connected with the people and culture of Guadeloupe so that you can feel the responsibility we all share. A responsibility to keep this world beautiful.


The Gold Standard

Surf Gwada has made a commitment to offset the carbon footprint of our retreats. Through a minimal fee included in our retreat packages we contribute to Gold Standard carbon reducing development projects around the world.

We are also conscious of our travel activity on the island and document all of our transportation to offset these carbon emissions as well. Aside from carbon emissions we work with our guests to take part in ECO events aimed at leaving the island more beautiful than we found it. We practice and educate our travelers on leave no trace principles to create a travel model that is less impactful. This is travel reciprocity.

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Our responsibilities to you as guides:

SAFETY, COMFORT, ENJOYMENT: Your safety while participating in our adventure activities is paramount to the Surf Gwada team. We have experience in wilderness guiding both on Guadeloupe and in the United States and do everything we can to keep you exploring.

LOCAL KNOWLEDGE: Living on the island for 10 years, we have learned a lot. Knowledge of Guadeloupe’s trickier surf breaks, exhilarating hiking routes, tasty culinary treats and so much more, is shared endlessly with our explorers.

LOCAL ECONOMY FOCUSED: We want you to buy from island farmers, fishermen, and vendors and learn to surf with island locals. Support Guadeloupe’s artists, chefs, and centuries old businesses. This way you experience the best of Guadeloupe.

PERSONAL INSTRUCTION: Our team has learned over the years of guiding that keeping our groups small allows for our explorers to develop faster, as personalized instruction is maximized. Customizable itineraries and day to day flexibility based on your adventure pace.




Our oceans and the life they support are desperate for us to change how we live our lives. All of us can do our part. Eliminate single use plastic from your life altogether, wash and reuse your plastic bags, use reusable water bottles and shopping bags. Demonstrate reciprocity. Check out how these amazing organizations are doing it:



Palm oil is now being used more than ever before as a cheap preservative for processed foods. Pristine natural habitats are being clear cut for palm oil farms as the global demand continues to grow. Take time to look through the ingredients of your shopping cart and choose products made without palm oil. Demonstrate reciprocity through your purchases. Check out these organizations who are on the front line of fighting palm oil development and build your awareness:


Forests all over the world naturally reduce the carbon that our modern global society spews out unforgivingly. And yet corporations and governments throughout the world continue to clear cut these precious forests in support of the world’s largest industries. Check out this organization who is doing its part to combat deforestation throughout the world:

We work hard to promote environmentally conscious behavior. We believe in a new way of traveling and living that is reciprocal, responsible, and sustainable. Islands all over the world have been greatly impacted by the tourism industry. Other destinations are in danger due to tourism, overdevelopment, coral bleaching, and climate change. We strongly believe each of us can make a difference.
— Surf Gwada


It’s a vibe. Travel like a local. Travel Surf Gwada.