Travel like a local

We are adventure travel specialists that share what we love about life and the beautiful French islands in the Caribbean. Adventure travel with Surf Gwada is more of an inclusive, curated experience; a customized Caribbean vacation package. We use our knowledge of the island to craft itineraries showcasing Guadeloupe’s best beaches and surf breaks, exhilarating coastal and jungle hikes, culturally and historically significant sites, and restaurants serving up uniquely satisfying French creole cuisine. Visit Guadeloupe’s waterfalls, colonial ruins, coffee and rum plantations, and our favorite farm stand to taste the island’s in season fruits and veggies. Travel like a local.


Guadelupe is a Caribbean island with volcano. Surf Gwada helps you to relax in the natural hot spring with a group of friends after a long day of hiking in the jungles.

Guadeloupe immersion

Your curated Caribbean adventure escape:

3 full days of surfing:

Our Caribbean surfing adventure: guided instruction, varying locations matched to your skill level - lessons for beginners, best breaks for rippers. Fresh fruit, snacks, and refreshments provided after every session.   

2 days hiking:

Our Caribbean hiking adventure: guided treks throughout the island, summit the islands volcano, trek the coastline, discover the practice of jungle bathing. Trekking fuel and refreshments provided.

2 day historical and cultural tour:

Our Caribbean cultural adventure: soak in Guadeloupe’s dynamic history and culture, explore the ruins of old plantations and colonial forts, test your French, educate yourself on the island’s history of slavery, coffee and rum production, visit open air markets and art galleries.

Fisherman with a hat scaling a red snapper. This fish is one the creole delicacies some restaurants in Guadeloupe will grill, stew or fry for you. Contact Surf Gwada for a list of Guadeloupe restaurants and national dishes.
Looking for Caribbean travel destinations? Travel with Surf Gwada to see these blue waters of the Caribbean with boats and pelicans, clear view on La Soufriere Volcano, Guadeloupe. We will provide best Caribbean travel ideas for you.

What’s included?

- planned curated itinerary (we take the stress out of your vacation by handling all the logistics, let us take care of you)

- airport pick up/drop off (Guadeloupe’s airport is located in Les Abymes, just outside the city of Point-a-Pitre. For your convenience we provide transportation to and from the airport.)

- small group for a personalized Caribbean vacation (0ur groups are intentionally small so that you can experience the most out of the island and our itineraries.)

- on island transportation (we take the wheel so you don’t have to.)

- welcome seasonal fruit (you will be astonished by the freshness of Guadeloupe’s local fruit.)

- snacks/water (snacks paired for your adventure of the day. We do advise you to bring your own water bottle)

- surfboards (we will help you select from a range of surfboards to fit your skill level)

- various surf breaks (Guadeloupe has some amazing breaks and not all of them are for beginners. We carefully choose the right surfing location for you.)

- surf instruction/theory (our local surf instructors will work with you to take your surfing to a new level.)

- our team as your family (0ur main concern is your safety, comfort and joy. From the moment you arrive our family will work with you to make sure you get the most out of your Caribbean experience.)

- sunrise and sunset yoga sessions (we have learned the value of daily yoga practice and want to share it with you. Never tried it? Give it a go, it will make you feel better we promise.)

- on island ECO event - (we believe in Travel Reciprocity and give back to the island through targeted environmental events.)

- sunset ti’ punch (nothing can beat Guadeloupean rum, enjoy this traditional Caribbean drink with us at sunset)


Is this trip for me?

You are coming alone, with friends or as a couple

You have never been to Guadeloupe before and want to get the most out of your time on the island

You like traveling and love meeting new people and want to become immersed in a new culture

You would like to try surfing but don’t want to dedicate your whole vacation to it, and you are right, there is so much more to see on the island!

You know how to surf and would like to improve your skills on new breaks

Discovering new flavors

The best restaurants in Guadeloupe are not easy to find but lucky for you we take our food seriously. Feast at the island’s authentic local grills and creative restaurants for your French creole fix. Locally caught seafood infused with traditional French recipes make Guadeloupe a foodie playground. The open air markets are a must for bulk spices, fresh fruit and vegetables, and those secret ingredients that make Guadeloupe’s Caribbean dishes so phenomenal. The french influence can be found at every corner. Dip into a boulangerie for a crunchy chewy baguette or grab an espresso at a local cafe.

Fruits, select snacks and water are on us! We pair your adventure days with our favorite healthy snacks and fruits to keep your energy up and your belly happy.

A girl is looking from behind giant leaf in the dense jungles. Hiking in French Carribean Guadeloupe can be an overwhelming experience. Get in touch with Surf Gwada for your curated vacation!
Drive way up to the Caribbean Volcano with bright green rainforest surrounding the road. Surf Gwada will help you with hiking Guadalupe peak with ease and comfort! Do not how to get to the volcano? We know the way up!


$1,264– Per person

Prices are per person in $US per week.

Where is Saint Marie in the Caribbean? Here is a Catholic church with St.Marie and palms around in Grand Terre. Surf Gwada.
Surfer walks through the jungle to a point in Petit Havre to jump into the water for a surfing gig. Turquoise Carribbean color is magic.
Guadeloupe temperature is perfect for hiking in dense jungles and seeing the beautiful nature. If you like island hopping, contact Surf Gwada in Guadeloupe and we will make curated itinerary for you and you company to have the best trip you can imagine.
Spend your day in Guadeloupe West Indies, let Surf Gwada be your travel agent/Caribbean specialist. We will show cliff and rainforest, best restaurants on Guadeloupe and where local fruit stands.


Travel information:

❖ Airline tickets are not included but let us help you with booking.

❖ Travel insurance is not included and is mandatory.

❖ Your passport must be valid for 6 months from the date of your departure.

❖ You must notify the Surf Gwada team of any injuries, food restrictions, and/or allergies before landing on the island.


❖ At an additional cost we can provide other activities like scuba diving, jet skiing, kitesurfing, etc.

❖ At an additional cost a professional photo shoot can be provided



It’s a vibe. Travel like a local. Travel Surf Gwada.