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Guadeloupe is an ideal destination for a yoga or work retreat, employee training, meditation program, or cultural immersion/international travel experience for groups of adolescents or young adults.

When you host with Surf Gwada you can devote all your energy to your retreat or program because we cover the logistics. We make it easier for you to implement your plan by securing accommodations, providing transportation, coordinating meals and drinks, and supplementing down time with Surf Gwada activities. We have established connections with the islands most beautiful rental villas so that you get the best deals and locations for your vision.   


There are many direct flights to Guadeloupe from Europe and Americas. Flying over French Guadelupe you will see how diverse the island is. With its waters and geography.
Old colonial architecture is preserved in Guadeloupe West Indies. There are a lot of beautiful old villas, relatively young fruit and veggie store shops. Colors of the island are amazing. You will not get bored! Yellow walls and blue roofs - great combination! Surf GWada team will show you great houses and structures, we know old buildings and factories. Become local in Guadeloupe!
Fishing is an important part of Guadeloupe life style. Basse Terre island of French Caribbean has the best snorkeling for your vacation time in Guadeloupe. Get your mask and let’s explore!

What we offer:

exclusive locations

beautiful colonial villas with the lowest rental rates

on island transportation

coordinated and/or catered meals

supplemental Surf Gwada adventure activities

tech free

carbon offsets and on island eco events

our family as your family

Need help in planning Caribbean vacation with family?Surf Gwada can help you with creating curated itinerary for your time on the island in the Caribbean. Basse Terre Guadeloupe has a variety of on land and water activities that will make you forget your present life. Get to know the island and try new things like a black sand beach with Surf Gwada!
Surf Gwada is a Caribbean travel agent, that will guide you through the land, air and water. We know Guadeloupe islands map in every little detail and can share our knowledge with you. Try paddle board in Guadelupe waters, see the rainbow and smile for your life!
Adventure travel singles, couples, family or seniors - Surf Gwada covers the variety of activities. Guadeloupe national park is the best location for yoga retreats. You can meditate in the jungle, on the beach, and in the field with birds and cows. Nature is ready for your yoga and meditation in the Caribbean.

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