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The joy of living is in what you do, how you do it, and where you do it. All of us travel within our own limits and borders. Helping to extend those borders to find true adventure is what brought Surf Gwada together. We provide individualized and guided travel experiences on Guadeloupe, to share what we see with passion, respect, and awareness. This is a personalized Caribbean adventure.

Let’s craft you an experience!


Hard Board is leaning on the colorful building in Guadeloupe West Antilles. Surfing in the Caribbean can be a great experience if you know where to surf, and reef location to avoid hurting yourself. We gvive your adventure travel gear to experience the most out of your time here.


Guadeloupe’s blossoming, homegrown surf scene is competitive and unspoiled. Local riders thrash annual contests and young talent is crafted on a variety of breaks scattered along the coastline. Annual surf contests held on Guadeloupe attract surfers from all over the world. Breaks for beginners and big swells for experienced riders. Surf Gwada’s guided surf travel allows you to arrive to spots like a local.  

Surf Gwada is a travel guide Caribbean islands. Want weddings in the islands? Sure! we will help you to create your ideal honeymoon in Guadeloupe. We start from Point a Pitre Guadeloupe and continue to immerse you into the archipelago of this gorgeous hidden paradise! A couple walks down the path to see the lighthouse of the Basse Terre.

Island Hopping

The French West Indies is a stunning archipelago in the lesser Antilles chain of the Caribbean. Guadeloupe is made up of six different islands. How about a beautiful white or black sand beach all to yourself? Remember exclusivity. Itineraries tailored to exploring the French chain will leave you asking yourself “Is this real?” The French have been keeping things under-wraps for centuries. Come find out why.

Surf Gwada offers trekking caribbean vacation for couples and singles. Terre de bas island of Guadeloupe offers a variety of hikes and bridges, rivers and waterfalls, beaches and other activities. Check out our adventure travel list in the blog!


Best things to do in Guadeloupe? Jungle bathing a notable contender. Beyond the coastal areas lies a tropical paradise with majestic mountains and thick jungles. Bath in the dense growth and vibrant canopies of Guadeloupe’s National Park. Hiking trails snake their way throughout the island and provide stunning adventures for the mindful traveler. Immerse yourself in this world of green and calm your mind.

Looking forward to visit Guadalupe? Surf Gwada offers adventure travel for older adults with trying traditional cuisine and national fruits, visiting local fruits stands and best coconut men. We will teach what coconut is best for you and show you the difference. Choose your Caribbean exotic vacation with Surf Gwada.

Cultural Immersion

Traveling with Surf Gwada means you will be immersed into the culture of Guadeloupe from day one. We believe that cultural immersion offers the best opportunity to grow as a traveler and Guadeloupe has so much to offer. Carnival celebrations, creole cuisine, deep rooted traditional music, spice markets, local artists, music and film festivals, French and creole language. Dig in and experience a preserved Caribbean culture.

Surf Gwada is a Caribbean island vacation guide. We share our knowledge of local spots and best activities. Here is an old historical site with a windmill on the island of Marie-Galante of Guadeloupe archipelago.

Historical Tour

Holy history. Educate yourself on Guadeloupe’s tumultuous past of French colonial slavery. Remains of colonial windmills scatter the island’s interior opening our eyes to the historical landscape and a time when slavery was the norm. Discover a historical experience aimed at enlightening and raising awareness amongst our explorers. Museums, art galleries, architecture, and ruins provide a learning playground that is a vacation. Education vacation, we like the sound of that.

Island of Guadalupe in the Caribbean has the biggest national park of France. There are old coffee plantations located in Grande Terre Guadeloupe. Coffee tasting and visiting the plantation is available. Rhum production is huge in Guadeloupe West Indies, local rum for your best ti ponch is here. Rhum Bologne or Damasute.

Coffee and Rum Plantations

French colonialists planted coffee trees in the late 17th century. Renovated plantations and the lush Guadeloupe highlands produce delicious fruit for your cup. Discover how coffee is processed from tree to cup and engage in this history. Sugar cane has been growing and processed on the islands for just as long. Long time to get your rum just right. Visit the distilleries of the big names in Guadeloupean rum and see who you think presides.  


What’s included:

- customizable curated itinerary (you decide we plan. Take the stress out of your travels and paint your own Guadeloupe vacation.)

- airport pick up/drop off (Guadeloupe’s airport is located in Les Abymes, just outside the city of Point-a-Pitre. For your convenience we provide transportation to and from the airport.)

- on island transportation (we take the wheel so you don’t have to. Unless you want to?)

- seasonal fruit (we will cover your morning table with fresh local seasonal fruit.)

- snacks/water (healthy select snacks paired for your adventure day. We do advise you to bring your own water bottle.)

- surfboards/surf instruction/theory (we will help you select from a range of surfboards to fit your skill level. Our local surf instructors will work with you to take your surfing to a new level.)

- professional photos (professional photos taken throughout your trip)

- our team as your family (our main concern is your safety, comfort and joy. From the moment you arrive our family will make sure you get the most out of your Caribbean experience.)

- sunrise and sunset yoga sessions (we have learned the value of daily yoga practice and want to share it with you. Never tried it? Give it a go, it will make you feel better we promise.)

- on island ECO event - (we believe in travel reciprocity and give back to the island through targeted environmental events.)

- sunset ti’ punch (nothing can beat Guadeloupe rum, enjoy this traditional Caribbean drink with us at sunset)


Do you crave an adventure trip?

Throw away the idea of a travel agent booking you a resort package. Our trip itineraries bring you deep into the heart of Guadeloupe. We know because we have surfed, hiked, lived, and learned from them ourselves.


Is this a trip for me?

If you are coming alone, with friends or with your family and kids, this type of travel will suit you most. We work towards your schedule and craft a guided Caribbean experience that is fully customizable. A boutique experience for the luxurious adventurer.

YOU are not about groups or meeting other travelers.  

YOU crave exclusivity or want to keep your privacy

YOU are seeking a crash course on Caribbean culture and cuisine

ONE ON ONE guiding service will work best for you and your family

YOU want to see as much of Guadeloupe as possible



It’s a vibe. Travel like a local. Travel Surf Gwada.