When should I go to the Caribbean?

Double rainbow over the dark blue sky in the Caribbean, French West Indies. The boats are waiting for the journeys. People are relaxing on sandy beach, surfboards are drying on the sun after the session. During the rain season Guadeloupe is filled with beautiful rainbows and warm humid air.

Is Guadeloupe safe for tourists during the hurricane season?

Have you seen videos of the winds, mighty waves, and flooding during a hurricane? 90 percent of the island of Saint Martin was destroyed or seriously damaged after Irma in 2017. Natural disasters like this are devastating to local island communities. Let us guide you through some details so you know a little bit more about when it is better to travel to Guadeloupe.

When is hurricane season?

Hurricane season in the Caribbean runs from June to November. Most of the storms form in the Atlantic Ocean, some come from the coast of West Africa. The tropical storms coming from the ocean grow in intensity, as they get closer to the islands where the water is warmer. Thunderstorms start when the warm air rises and hurricanes are simply clusters of those thunderstorms, causing huge waves at sea and powerful winds.

High and low seasons?

The best time to be in Guadeloupe is from November to June. The weather is warm and dry during those months. December through May is considered the dry season. A lot of tourists come to the Caribbean during these times, which means higher prices and bigger crowds. The leaves loose some of their colors, the fields get turn yellow, but the waters stay just as blue and warm as always. May is known for the sugar cane harvest. There are other cool things happening during this period. Check out our Gwada happenings calendar for more information.

From July to October the weather remains nice, but there are more rain showers and the air is more humid. Traveling during this period doesn’t mean it will be rainy 24/7, it may rain at night and be bright and vibrantly green during the day, you might get a few showers mid day. But it never rains all day long. That is the beauty! The jungles are gloriously glowing, guadeloupean cows are happy, and farmers are at their busiest time.

What’s the temperature like?

The average temperature in French Antilles stays around 27 degrees celsius can come down to 22 degrees at night. The temperature in Guadeloupe generally stays the same throughout the year varying by 3-4 degrees Celsius only.

Should I get travel insurance while travelling during the hurricane season?

We strongly recommend getting travel insurance, regardless if you are traveling during the hurricane season or outside those months. While you are staying active, and trying all the activities Guadeloupe has to offer, you should have the security that travel insurance provides. Chances of you experiencing a hurricane while in Guadeloupe are low. FYI If your trip gets cancelled because of the hurricane, you get a full refund of your money!

Katya Korably