Basic Surf Gwada pack kit


How Do you travel to the Caribbean?

There are a few types of travelers: those who carefully fold all their clothes and neatly arrange them in their bag, and there are those who throw everything in a back pack or roller bag within 10 minutes. Which one are you?

When planning your trip to the Caribbean, you need to think of packing light. It is always warm here and your days are filled with activities. Plus the extra space you can fill with local souvenirs like:

❖ Hand made machetes made by Guadeloupe craftsmen.

❖ Hot sauces blended from scotch bonnet pepper and other native ingredients.

❖ Guadeloupean rum that is bound to be a hit back home.

❖ Traditional fisherman hats that are made from split bamboo.

❖ Beautiful wood and bamboo carvings.

❖ Local artwork.

Our packing list is bare bones essential. This is what needs to be in your luggage for a Surf Gwada experience. Read through it even if you are an experienced packer. Any add ons are up to you.

Surf Gwada packing list to Guadeloupe:

❖ Airline tickets and your passport, let’s not forget these.

❖ Travel insurance.


❖ Cash (we recommend arriving on the island with euros in small denominations, to pay for street food/bars/local art/at the open air markets)

❖  Electric plug adaptor, it’s a French territory people!

❖ Smartphone or camera, for those gorgeous photos.

❖ A small backpack or easy to carry bag to be used as a day pack while exploring.

❖ Sunglasses and a hat.

❖ Prescription medicine/ antibiotic ear drops/ first aid kit – this is totally individualized to you. We have medical supplies and there are plenty of pharmacies on the island.

❖ Breathable sturdy athletic shoes or low cut light hiking boots for treks through the jungle.

❖ Polyester or synthetic hiking/athletic socks, multiple pairs.

❖ Polyester or synthetic athletic underwear (spandex), multiple pairs.

❖ Short sleeve and/or long sleeve polyester/synthetic tee shirts, base layers.

❖ Reef booties are a plus but you can get them here if you want

❖ A few bathing suits, we have water everywhere! While one is drying you can use the other one to shine

❖ Light waterproof jacket, downpours can hit in a flash and are gone before you know it, better to be prepared.

❖ A towel, we do not provide them

❖ A water bottle for drinking water, the less plastic the better.

❖ Sunscreen and flip flops

This is our short packing list of necessities! When traveling long distances or for longer period of time, it may seem necessary to bring a lot of clothes. Honestly, when you spend 75% of your time in the water, on a long sandy beach with endless sun, or trekking through the jungle, you really do not need a lot!

When you get back from a trip, make a note of what you didn’t wear. This will avoid packing it unnecessarily next time.
— Robert Powell