The Caribbean rhum drink

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Ti-Punch is supreme.

In the previous article we spoke about the sugar cane fields and uncovered a bit about the deep history of rhum production in Guadeloupe. Every bottle has its own unique flavor and it truly takes multiple tastings to develop a palate for the subtle differences. But what a fun thing to do! The distilleries throughout the islands are willing to educate their visitors and always ready to pour. 

You can imagine that rhum is the favored spirit and paired with the island’s delicious local fruit juice - is very easy drinking. But if you want to drink rhum the Gwada style then it is all about the Ti-Punch. This local drink is creole for “small punch” and is a great introduction into Gwada’s rhum culture because of its simplicity.

Rhum agricole, lime, and cane sugar. That’s it. In a small rocks glass add cane sugar and lime. Muddle and add your rhum. The sugar and lime take a bit of the punch off the rhum but this is a drink that is meant to be strong. Ice can be added but traditionally Ti-punch is served without and is great before a meal as an aperitif. With so few ingredients you are able to taste the uniqueness of the rhum agricole, sip don’t shoot. 

You know you have found a SPOT when you order a Ti-punch and the bottle of rhum, lime, and sugar are brought to your table, allowing you to prepare your own drinks throughout the meal. Welcome to Gwada people! 

At Surf Gwada we love to offer our explorers this drink after a long day of adventuring. Your body is tired from surfing, perhaps hiking, and as the sun sets you can relax, sip, and drift into the Caribbean night. Nothing beats the simplicity. Nothing beats loving company and good music. 

Pro tip: Grab some local fruit from the open air markets, cut it up, and create an infusion with a new bottle of rhum. Burnt coconut and maracuja (passion fruit) are some of our favorites. 

Life is good. 

Katya Korably