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I Just finished watching a movie on my flight from NYC to Moscow. It’s called “Surf in Siberia”. I never knew Russia had so many spots with swell. Even the place I thought I know well, Crimea, has decent ones. People are travelling all over the world to catch the best waves, but not until recently did you start to see and hear about surfing in Russia.

Kamchatka, where your beard and eye brows become frozen, is so far removed, but a place that is getting more and more popular.

Watching that movie definitely made me want to go and see these places, braving the harsh climate to experience the realness of that place. Being in the water alone with your surfboard must be an amazing feeling. So pure. Maybe it is good that Russia has kept these locations a secret and made it almost impossible to get there.

Surfing in the Caribbean is nothing like that. Paddling through the warm waters, with blasting sun and palms hanging over the beach. You know you won’t freeze and the few precautions are nothing compared to surfing in the Arctic. There is another factor that must be always considered – the power of the sun. To save yourself from too much sun paddle out in the mornings and late afternoons is best, as long as you catch the swell.

Surfing is a culture. In Guadeloupe the surfing scene is always growing and becoming a bigger part of the islands identity. There are plenty of surf spots where the locals rip and some are kept secret. As Guadeloupe becomes more visible on the tourism map we want to make sure that these spots and the locals who surf them are respected.

It’s cool knowing where the best swell is and taping into this local consciousness is important for us at Surf Gwada. Living on the island long enough you learn the pace and begin to understand the reciprocity of this place.

Travel like a local. Travel with locals.

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Katya Korablysurf