Why Yoga Retreats?


USA, Spain, France, Russia, Croatia, UK, Hawaii, Sweden, Canada, Gabon, Bali…

Surf Gwada has been collaborating with wonderful yoga teachers from all over the world. We have planned Yoga retreats with skilled and like minded people.

Where did the idea of having a yoga retreat come from? Well, we had our first collaboration with Kamochimethod in March 2019. Kamochimethod is run by Karine from NYC and Mochi from Cali. Two beautiful people. We helped them to coordinate surfing sessions with our local friend and surf instructor. We also threw a party for their group at the end of their trip. When you dance on the table in a local Caribbean bar with primo French cocktails and music from and NYC DJ - you know you had a great time on your vacation.

A few months later we had a striking idea to create something of our own. Something that will carry the ethos we so much believe in and care about. Yes, traveling is impacting the world, but how important is it to start spreading the idea of responsible traveling? How important is it to emphasize a healthy body and good local food? How can we make a little impact on the people who travel with us? The answer was simple - a retreat. So for a few months we have worked on the idea of providing something special and precious, a combination of our personal love for hosting people, cooking food, knowledge of the island of Guadeloupe and a healthy life style. Yoga and surfing are the glue that holds it all together. It is important to be mindful of what we eat, how we eat, what we do, what sports we practice and how we think about the world that surrounds us. I will be cheesy here - it’s much easier to spread the love and our ethos of travel reciprocity amongst the people that are already loving and aware of the world arounf them.

And here we are. Our first collaboration with Annie Leeks. She is a strong vinyasa teacher, her lessons will make you feel the power of your body, and you will follow the sequence leading to the peak posture. She will lead our first three retreats in October, November, December 2019. In 2020 Surf Gwada has organized retreats with Maia, Liz, Filippo, Lildonia, Marina, Alyona and Shy just in the first 5 months. Check out our Yoga Retreat calendar for more details and stay tuned for new announcements.  

Challenge your body, be mindful and proactive with your travel, and let you mind relax!