How do I get to Guadeloupe, French West Indies?

Airplane landing in Guadeloupe French Caribbean. Surf, hiking, yoga, fresh coffee and endless send beaches are waiting!

Fly direct!

It may surprise you that although Guadeloupe is only a four hour flight from New York, the butterfly island of the Carribbean has been notoriously tricky for U.S. travelers to get to. French master plans to keep the island a relative secrete? Maybe. But with the territorial complexities that surround the differing airline companies it is truly hard to know for sure. 

Norweigen Airlines,  Europe’s low cost provider, had been operating direct flights from JFK New York, to Point a Pitre Guadeloupe at bargain prices during the October to March travel window. Many of Surf Gwada’s explores were able to benefit from this amazing connection to Guadeloupe and we were all shocked at Norwiegen’s decision last year to pull their staff and discontinue their flights to the island. The news that the most convenient and affordable flights from the U.S. were terminated sent shockwaves through the Gwada community, who were just warming up to the new wave of American tourists. Tourism is a large part of Guadeloupe’s GDP and more and more Americans had begun flocking to the French West Indies on Norwiegen’s direct flights. 

But don’t worry. This is not a sad story. Norweigen’s departure did make traveling to Guadeloupe a bit more difficult for Americans but only for a short time, as another airline was quick to pounce on the opportunity. Starting in February 2020 JetBlue will begin operation of three flights weekly direct from JFK to PTP. News of JetBlue’s new service quickly spread throughout the island and there a buzz of excitement that we could all feel. Cheers JetBlue for the new flight path! 

We all have a responsibility to learn from the environmental impacts of tourism, especially amongst island communities throughout the world, and we at Surf Gwada hope our ethos of Travel Reciprocity will become the new norm for traveling the world. We offset the carbon emissions from your flights through sustainable development projects aimed at decreasing carbon in our atmosphere, a tree is planted for your travel with us, and our adventure based excursions allow our explorers to experience and develop within Guadeloupe’s nature without harming it. 

Travel JetBlue. Travel Surf Gwada. 

Katya Korably