What can I do in Guadeloupe?

It is always difficult to look for what to do in a new destination. Guadeloupe is a place filled with activities, you just need the right person to show what and where. Surf Gwada is a guiding company that will provide with unforgettable and personal experience.  Feel the sunshine on your face like this boards on top of our car! Peace!

The Caribbean island of Guadeloupe is a land of activities. From water to land to air, there is so much to do. You will crave more time on the island to experience it all. 

Land activities

Our favorite land activity in Guadeloupe is hiking. If hiking is in your blood, then you will love the national park in Basse Terre. It’s considered one of France's biggest national parks and encompasses a mountain range that stretches from north to south. La Soufriere, Guadeloupe's active volcano, is located within the southern section of the national park. Trails weave throughout this protected land offering amazing jungle hiking. There are hikes for every skill level, ranging from easy, to moderate, to very difficult. It is important to always consider Guadeloupe's every changing weather before you set out. It may be hot and sunny on the beach, but pouring rain and windy atop La Soufriere. Storm clounds hover amongst the mountain's higher altitudes, creating their own weather patterns. It is crucial to properly layer as the tempreture change can be quite drastic. It is common to see trail runners throughout the national park as locals use the trail system and taxing hikes as their gym. The trail system is well maintained and marked with blazes corresponding to the trail you are on. Waterfalls are scattered throughout the park with secret falls and jungle swimming pools waiting to be discovered. 

Water activities

Surfing, paddle boarding, snorkeling, diving, fishing, boat riding, island hopping, and more. You can see all kinds life under the sea. Imagine yourself surfing, watching the sets roll in and as a wave peaks you catch a glimpse of a sea turtle coming up for air. Such a dream and a very true story! It is also fun to take ferries to other islands of the Guadeloupe archipelago. Ferries depart from ports located on both Grande Terre and Bass Terre. Some advice from us – buy your tickets online! It is easy and most companies provide a discount. And then you are off to Marie Galante, Les Saintes, or Desirade, finding yourself   with a beach to yourself, c'est magnifique!

Air activities

You can have a helicopter ride, sail, kite surf, wind surf, or go canyoneering. All these activities will provide you with spectacular emotions and vary in price. Seeing French Guadeloupe from the air is quite a flight. You get to see the deep blue waters and the dark green rainforest, fishing boats and maybe some wild sea life. Chartered flights around the caribbean can also be arranged.

Enjoy your stay in Guadelouope, Surf Gwada is really happy to assist you during your journey!


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