Where is Guadeloupe?

A road sign with Surfer, historical place and local art. Guadelupe is located in West Indies in the Carribbean Sea. It’s an tropical island, with French national park and Creole Caribbean culture. Visiting Guadeloupe can be one of your best vacations! If you need a guide, want surfing or a map with local restaurants, contact Surf Gwada!

Why Surf Gwada?

We guide you on the island and make you feel at home. We love Guadeloupe and hosting people. By combining both of these passions we have created a spectacular journey for you, your family, friends and anybody who is ready to jump into another culture with an open heart. We work really hard to make your experience the best and most unique.

How we work? 

Well, first you need to find us on the Internet. There are so many travel guiding companies and it is difficult to choose the right one. You need to know what you want. And if you don’t knowt but you still found us – let's call it fate. Welcome to the family! 

Now, let us tell you a bit about where we are. Guadeloupe is an archipelago in the Lesser Antilles chain of the Caribbean. We primarily work on the island of Grande Terre and Basse Terre. These two islands form the shape of a butterfly, making Guadeloupe easy to pick out on the map. Guadeloupe is a French Caribbean territory with a long history of colonial oppresion. La Route de L'esclaves (The Slave Route) highlights historically significant points that help to educate us about a time when slavery was the norm. Massive graves, old plantations, slavery market ruins… Sometimes your skin will get goose bumps and your hair will stand up on the back of your head from the realness of these sites. Our team is passionate about respecting the past and we will be glad to educate you. 

What is the most popular in Caribbean Guadeloupe?

Have you heard about the Caribbean Rhum (Rum)? I’m sure you have. Guadeloupe is a land of sugar cane. Spring is the season for harvesting these tall thick sweet plants. After the fields have been cut the air smells sweet. You can taste it. It is such an amazing feeling! And of course there are many distilleries throughout the islands. Some are making rhum for 8 euros a bottle some are making rhum for 125 euros bottle. The price varies as well as the taste. The traditional sunset drink,  Ti-Punch, helps to relax your body after a whole day of exploring. 

If you are interested in the flavors of Guadeloupe we can also help to arrange a cooking class with one of our local friends. Get ready for a tast of spice! The islands scotch bonnet pepper can make your eyes water just from the smell of it.

Learning how machetes are made is also on our list of things to do. The machete is the tool of choice for Guadeloupeans and serves many purposes, from cuting coconuts, clearing dense undergrowth, butchering livestock, to chopping wood. Come meet our friend who crafts machetes by hand. 


Guiding company?

There are other traditional things we can familiarize you with. The list goes on and on. But our specialization is adventure. We have walked, driven, hiked, surfed and flown over almost every inch of the island and can assure you, we know it! We were not born here, but we are connected with the land and locals of Guadeloupe. If you love traveling and know how important it is to have somebody waiting for you at a new place, then you've found the right group of people. Even if you don’t want to participate in any of our trips, just come and hang with us. We’ll share some great stories together! 

-The Surf Gwada team

Katya Korably