What language do they speak in Guadeloupe?

Do they speak English in Guadeloupe? Unfortunately, Guadeloupe is a French Caribbean island. THe main language is French, but they do speak English.  Here on this photo, you can see a sign for fruits and veggies.


Guadeloupe is a French overeas territory located in the Eastern Caribbean, with Dominica and Martinique to the south and Montserrat and Antigua and Barbuda to the north. Because it is a French territory, French is the official language.

French Creole is also spoken. It is called Antillean Créole or Kreoyl. It is based on French but is a true mix of African, French, and Carib languages.

Do they speak English in Guadeloupe?

People do speak English but do not expect fluency. Very few are fluent so time to use brush up on your French! Guadeloupeans are very welcoming people and if you make the effort to speak some French, they will be much more open to practicing their English. 

For your convenience Surf Gwada created a short list of simple French words that will come handy when you are in Guadeloupe.

Our first advice, always greet people! “Bonjour”=[bonjur] or Bonsoir=[bonsua] are simple greetings that will always receive a response and a smile. Merci=[merci] for thank you. 


Here is a list of 10 French useful words:

Salut, ça va? = Hi!/Hi there! How’s it going?(fam.)

Ça va bien./Ça va mal. = It’s going well./It’s going badly. 

Comment allez-vous? = How are you? (pol.)

Comment vas-tu? = How are you? (fam.)

Très bien, merci, et vous (et toi)? = Fine, thanks. And you?

Pas mal, merci et vous (et toi)? = Not bad, thanks. And you?

Come ci, comme ça. = So-so. 

Bonsoir. = Good evening.

Bonne nuit. = Good night. (when departing)

Je m’appelle Benjamin. = My name is Benjamin. 

Don’t be afraid, ask if you need something and try to express yourself. It is not difficult and you will get so much from your conversations with people! You can also use one of the best languages in the world – body language. Always works!

-Surf Gwada

Katya Korably