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Why coconuts are good for you?

You just paddled around the mangrove, surfed in the ocean, hiked for 5 hours, or had a vinyasa practice. Your body feels tired, and you want something refreshing. It’s time to reveal a reenergizing secret of island life, coconut water. Imagine drinking this semi sweet and slightly salty juice that is packed with electrolytes to keep you feeling good and sits right above your head almost everywhere on the island!

Coconuts in Guadeloupe

There are many types of coconut trees all over the world. They are primarily divided into two groups: tall and dwarfs. The French West indies has both. Climbing up the tall trees presents quite a challenge but what with a great reward!

Tall palms produce bigger coconuts and take a longer time to mature. The dwarf coconut tree has much smaller fruit which ripens almost twice as fast. The difference between a green and brown coconut is its age. Brown coconuts are older, and their age slightly affects their nutrient content. The young coconut has more salt and very soft jelly-like flesh, and has a lot more coconut water. That coconut water is stored naturally in the fruit and contains very little fat. The older fruit has hard meat, less juice and more sugar.

Coconut is a good source of fiber, vitamin C, antioxidants and several minerals. The primary nutrient is potassium, making it one of the best naturally electrolyte packed drinks. While being on the island you need to make sure you drink a lot of liquids to prevent dehydration. That’s why coconut water plays a big role for us. It also naturally helps to reduce stress, fatigue and helps your muscles relax.

Welcome fruit!

Surf Gwada gives you a welcome coconut fruit on your first day with us to start you on the right foot! We feel the coconut is a good representation of how the islands of Guadeloupe continue to give back to our travelers. Our team members know locals who harvest the coconuts and will guide you to the market if you want more. Or, if you fancy an adventure, we can track down some trees and you can forage them yourself. We will make sure to show you how to open them safely with the local all-in-one tool, the machete!

Sip your coconut water and feel how paradise gives back. This is Travel Reciprocity island style.
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