Bonjour from Guadeloupe


Surf Gwada provides individualized and guided travel experiences throughout the Guadeloupe archipelago, to share what we know with passion, respect, and an awareness of our global humanity. Fancy a Caribbean escape?

We create a vibe and those special memories for you.

❖ Customized Caribbean vacation itineraries

❖ Untapped natural beauty

❖ Activities (adventure, cultural/historical, health/wellness)

❖ Sustainable travel


Customized Adventure

Guadeloupe vacation retreats made just for you. We pair your interests with on island activities and handle the logistics so you feel stress free.


Physical Activity

Our select activities bring you deep into the lush rainforests, atop waves in the blue Caribbean waters, and will have you island hopping around the archipelago. Educate yourself with visits to significant cultural and historical sites.


Artistic Creative People

Our family is your family. We inspire you to explore, seek adventure, and dive into the Caribbean life during your vacation.


What if I…


Worry about my age?

We tailor our itineraries to meet the needs of younger or older explorers with less or more physically demanding activities.

Don't speak French?

Immersing yourself into another culture is a healthy experience that comes with its awkward moments, give it a try! A smile and a “bonjour” will go a long way and we are always here to assist you.

No surfing experience?

Our trips are geared to accommodate beginner and experienced surfers. Our local instructors work with all age levels and provide intimate knowledge of Guadeloupe’s breaks.


Caribbean Culture

The islands of Guadeloupe are rich in customs, traditions, and history. The French West Indies are a unique cultural melting pot, parts of which seem frozen in time. From colonial ruins to Carib stone carvings, Hindu temples, and baguettes, this island offers so much to discover.

Come with your kids, as a couple, or with a group of friends and explore this untapped Caribbean paradise.

Come to immerse yourself.


Give and take


Sustainable Tourism

We want to protect Guadeloupe through sustainable tourism practices that benefit local businesses, the environment, and culture of the island. Surf Gwada wants our explorers to experience the beauty of Guadeloupe in a less impactful way.

Travel Reciprocity

At Surf Gwada we are committed to decreasing the environmental impact of our retreats. Carbon emissions offsets, on island eco-events, and leave no trace principles drive our ethos of travel reciprocity.

Our Responsibilities

Surf Gwada believes that we can inspire others to lead more environmentally conscious lives. Through our retreats you become connected with Guadeloupe so that you can feel the responsibility to keep this world beautiful.


Imagine yourself gazing up at the highest waterfall in the Caribbean, catching waves in turquoise waters, trekking through vibrantly green jungles, and relaxing in the warmth of the sunset on beautiful white sand beaches. Experience life in the French West Indies.
— Surf Gwada

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It’s a vibe. Travel like a local. Travel Surf Gwada.